Our Team

Jacob Mafuleni

Jacob Mafuleni playing mbira

Jacob, the founder of Tsoro Arts, grew up in Dzivaresekwa's dense suburbs. He has extensive experience in creating and playing musical instruments and performing traditional dances.

In 1990, Jacob began his career with the Boterekwa Dance Troupe, led by the late David Tafaneyi Gweshe, a well-known traditional dance icon. He gained expertise in playing marimba, mbira, drums, and performing traditional music. He toured globally with this group, showcasing his musical talents.

In 1993, Jacob joined Ramambo Marimba and formed Sweet Calabash in 1999, later renamed Shingira Mbira Master. This group released a six-track album, Zerevende.

Jacob joined Mbira dzeNharira, touring China and other countries in Asia and Africa. His diverse talents in playing instruments, singing, and dancing earned him a spot with Chiwoniso Maraire and Vibe Culture, touring extensively throughout Europe.

Inspired by his experiences, Jacob founded Tsoro Arts to teach crafting and traditional instrument playing to local youth for free. He also leads Mhodzi Marimba band at Tsoro Arts, which consists of three categories: 10-year-olds, 14-year-olds, women's marimba band, and a mixed-gender marimba band.

Martha Mafuleni

Dec 30, 1977 - Jul 28, 2023

Martha Mafuleni smiling

Sometimes the light dims in our world, however knowing and loving Martha, our beacon of light just keeps shining so bright. She left a legacy of pure love, of danceable hope, and of beautiful memories that we can all hold near and dear.

Let us collectively fill our hearts with love and honor for our dear friend and sister, Martha Mafuleni. Let us also hold, tenderly, her beautiful family, Jacob, Abel, Anotidaishe, Byron, Mia Tinotenda, and many other loved ones that are grieving and putting together a life without her.

In loving memory of Martha, let’s dance, sing and play in all of her glory!


Martha began her musical journey in 1992 as a singer and dancer in her primary school's traditional dance groups. Later, she joined Mbira dzeMuninga and Shinganyi Traditional Dance, a Harare-based group, before teaching private music lessons at Zimbabwe's College of Music.

Her remarkable singing and dancing abilities led her to join Chiwoniso Maraire and Vibe Culture, touring the world to showcase her skills.

As a co-founder and trustee of Tsoro Arts, Martha offers free singing and dancing classes to young people in her community.

Abel Mafuleni

Abel Mafuleni playing mbiraAbel is the eldest son of Jacob and Martha, he began his music career at a young age under his parents' guidance. A skilled musician, Abel has a keen interest in arranging marimba and mbira for afro-jazz, Zimbabwean sungura music, and traditional mbira repertoire.

His passion for traditional music has led him to tour countries like China and the USA, showcasing his talents. Abel has taught music classes in the USA and recorded a marimba track in Santa Cruz, California.