About Us

Tsoro Arts & Social Centre was founded in 2013 by Jacob and Martha Mafuleni.

Dzivarasekwa 2, where Tsoro Arts is located, has an abundance of young people full of talent but with no clear channels of exposing it. This has resulted in some youths turning to illegal and degrading activities such as drug abuse and prostitution. Also, there are plenty of children of school going age who are disadvantaged due to a plethora of reasons and thus are not able to afford basic necessities such as school fees and food. It is against this background that Jacob & Martha were inspired to start this project.


To improve lives by creating a safe environment for our members and participants, ensuring equality & fairness, and promoting self expression.


Our Mission is to be a leading arts and social centre to ensure that our members will have an easy access to be trained in playing music instruments such as mbira, marimba, hosho (shakers), drums, dancing to, and singing cultural songs.

Registered Trust

Tsoro Arts and Social Centre is registered with the Registrar of Deeds Zimbabwe under a Notarial Deed Of Trust No. MA000000419 in terms of the Deed Registries Act [Chapter 20:05]. )

The TRUST was established in 2013 and its registration with a Notarial Deed Of Trust was finalized in 2019. The trust is administered by professional, seasoned traditional musicians, and non-traditional professionals.

Board of Trustees

Jacob Mafuleni
Abel Mafuleni
Sharon Margaret Hide
Junior Charibuka