Traditional Instrument Builders, Music School, & Social Centre

Improving lives by creating a safe environment for our members and participants, ensuring equality & fairness, and promoting self expression.

Handcrafted Marimba & Mbira

Jacob Mafuleni is a master craftsman, building quality marimba and mbira for individuals, schools, and other organizations.

Community Music School

Every Saturday Tsoro Arts provides free music, dance, and singing lessons to children in the community. Many of the children have been attending for years, evident in their skills and abilities when you see them dance and play.

Community Outreach

As well as providing music lessons and practice time, Tsoro Arts founders, the Mafuleni family (with help from generous donors around the world), provide additional activities and support to their students and their families.

These include but are not limited to providing school fees, food hampers at Christmas, enrichment day trips to local parks, restaurants, and other locations.